Dementia Care

SenaCare Services are here to support and assist you when you need us most with our Dementia Home Care Services. We all want to take care of their loved ones and help them go through hardships but handling jobs, kids and your own personal life is hard enough especially if the loved one has signs of dementia or went through a terrible stroke and are trying to recover.

This would be even more stressful if you have a hard time dealing with usual daily activities such as Dementia or any other disability or disorder preventing you from leading a normal life.


SenaCare Services has the objective to bring back confidence and self-esteem to you or your loved ones with its experienced professionals to give you a full heartfelt and warm Dementia Home Care. We want to provide the right support for elderly and disabled because they are part of us and deserve it.

SenaCare Services is the Dementia Home Care service you or your loved one can rely on when it comes to any type of help while respecting personal space and family activities.

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